Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

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Prof. Xingong Tang

College of Geophysics and Petroleum Resources, Yangtze University

Research Area:

Geoelectromagnetism, Petrophysics and Geophysical Exploration

Speech Title: Transient Electromagnetic Sounding Method and Its Application

Abstract:The transient electromagnetic sounding method plays an important role in oil and gas exploration, mineral resources exploration, engineering geophysical prospecting, groundwater exploration, shallow structure exploration and reservoir dynamic monitoring due to its flexible acquisition device, free from high-resistance layers, pure secondary field observation after power outage and the ability to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio through superposition. This article introduces the role of the central loop transient electromagnetic method in shallow structure exploration and surface structure investigation. Studies have proved that the shallow transient electromagnetic sounding method features high resolution, large effective exploration depth (up to 300 meters), strong anti-interference ability, low cost, and high efficiency. Besides, this method directly measures the magnetic field, so no static displacement exists; The resistivity-depth profile inverted by the transient sounding method has rich electrical characteristics, and the layering characteristics are richer than the velocity parameters. The electrical difference in the surface structure is greater than the velocity difference. Therefore, the use of electrical parameters to understand lithology is better than velocity parameters. The velocity and layer thickness parameters obtained by using the transient electromagnetic method to invert the resistivity profile are used for seismic static correction velocity modeling, the calculation of static correction amount, and seismic static correction, so as to achieve micro-logging and small refraction static correction. The results provide an effective method for solving the seismic static correction problems in the loess plateau and desert in western region of China.


A. Prof. Shifeng Ding

Jiangsu University Of Science And Technology, China

Research Area: 

Polar engineering ice load, Polar ship resistance and propulsion, 

Intelligent ship control technology, Offshore platforms and deep-sea risers

Speech Title: Arctic Shipping Passages and Chinese Arctic Shipping Activities

Abstract:Acrtic waters exist in harsh environment, which is unexploited place far away from mainland. As temperature increases in the worldwild, time window to allow Arctic shipping operations increase as well. This provides a gold shipping line for China and will boost chinese economy. This report will focus on artic passages,temperature,ice conditions, main ports, control policies and so on. The information on commercial shipping activities through Arctic passages in China is summarized. The related risk and chanlleges are also included.


Senior Engineer. Hui Su  

Cnooc Energy Development Green Sea Environmental Protection Service Co. LTD, China

Research Area: 

Offshore oil resources exploration and development, harmless cleaning treatment technology

Speech Title: Research and Application of Harmless Treatment Technology on Offshore Water-based Mud Debris

Abstract:This course gives a brief overview of the composition and characteristics of water-based mud and cuttings and its harm to the environment, followed by the current situation of water-based mud and cuttings treatment. The technical research on offshore water-based mud and cuttings was also elaborated, and finally the field application of water-based mud and cuttings was introduced.