2021 4th International Forum on Geoscience and Geodesy (IFGG 2021)
Welcome Prof. Yonggui Wang from China University of Geoscience to be a committee member!

Prof. Yonggui Wang.jpg

Prof. Yonggui Wang

China University of Geoscience

Research Area:

Water Environment Modeling, GIS, Artificial Intelligence

Research Experience:

Prof Wang is a young water environment scientists. He has rich experience in water quality management and geo-spatial data management, and focuses on the hydrodynamic and water quality models with parallel computing and artificial intelligence. His study areas includes Three Gorges Reservoir area, Hanjiang river Basin, Taihu lake Basin, Danjiangkou reservoir area and Haihe River basins in China. Prof Wang has been engaged in water environment monitoring, assessing, forecasting and early warning for a long time. He is the first researcher who put forward technology for water quality emergency risk early warning in ungauged river basins. He hosted more than 10 projects in the water environment management. and published more than 28 papers (including more than 10 papers in SCI/EI),13 patents and 12 softwares.